Quail Season– November 4, 2017 to February 28, 2018
Deer Rifle  November 18 2017 to February10, 2018
Muzzleloader Season  November 13-17,  2017

Whitetail hunts start at $4,000 for up to a 150″ deer, every inch over 150″ is $125 an inch.
Red stag price upon request- limited number of Red Stag
Fallow price upon request- limited number of Fallow
End of season management Whitetail hunts price upon request limited numbers

Jeep Quail hunts for up to 6 hunters per jeep 4 hunter minimum.
Full day hunt first 4 hunters $750 per person, per day, lunch included (additional 2 hunters  $500 each) totaling 6 hunters per jeep.
4 six persons jeeps available.
Corporate discounts available.
Quail hunts for split day.

Lodging $250 per person per night
Not including holidays

For more information, please call our main line at 334-738-8802